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*SEASON 1 EPISODE 24* (info about the episode coming soon!)

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22 Responses to “LA INK • Life after Pixie • pt. 1/3”

  1. TheGrabasspants

    OMG!!! atreyu! that guy can sing while drumming… deeeaaamn

  2. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    I know and they were such incredible artists!

  3. Miahtm61

    To end this endless batter between you two. I still have my bouts with depression because of the on going medical crap that I am going through now but my depression is not there any more. I took meds for it but the meds weren’t shit what Atreyu has done for me through there music. ENDING this personal thing cause it will open the wounds that I have closed forever and want closed forever. :) <3

  4. Rukia91554

    ….Pixie really didn’t deserve that treatment. Theres a line when someone treats you like shit and uses you to clean up shit even though thats not your job. And theres a line when it’s clearly the unsubs fault. Now Kim was picking fights. Pixie over reacted cause she couldn’t take it anymore. Kat! become friends again with Pixie hun! the shows over now…start over.

  5. dee6694

    Poor old Greg, he came in fresh as a daisy probably thinking he would be the new male version of Pixie! But like most of the others he has been used up and pushed into the background. These days his dialogue amounts to ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ whenever a customer walks in telling him they have an appointment with one of the artists! The show was so good back in the first early seasons, Hannah and Kim are a huge loss.

  6. Vexlulz

    Man i hate that everyones siding with Kim over this… Yeah Pixie said some things she shouldn’t have but this never would have turned into such a big ridiculous argument if Kim wasn’t provoking her and starting arguments while Kat’s trying so hard to keep it civilized (and it was before Kim chimed in).

  7. JackieWild

    I miss Hannah and Kim they were the whole class of this show.. after them it became a load of BS and hollywood fakeness

  8. Jiskemarije

    The first seasons were soooo awesome and then it just went downhill with the producers firing Hannah and Kim and Pixie not being there.

  9. gnralex1987

    aww La ink without pixie :(

  10. MrVampireteddybear

    FUCK YEAH ATREYU !!!!! <3

  11. RNYValentine

    Metal skool??? erm…a.ka..Steel Panther

  12. rage10rules

    this mike starr isnt the guy from AIC right?

  13. PureTWEAKx

    @skylarfrances I’m not your buddy, pal. Derp

  14. skylarfrances

    @PureTWEAKx Wow buddy. This isn’t even worth it. If it helped it was simply one contributing factor out of many.

  15. PureTWEAKx

    @skylarfrances Helped END. End.. cure.. derp you’re an idiot

  16. skylarfrances

    @PureTWEAKx I restate, They never said it cured their depression. They said it helped it.

  17. PureTWEAKx

    @skylarfrances You sir, are a fucking idiot. Re-read that person’s comment. “Helped ‘END’ my two year depression”. Point = proven

  18. skylarfrances

    @PureTWEAKx They never said it cured their depression. They said it helped it. Now, it sounds like you’ve never gone through depression. But help can come in many forms, and it’d probably surprise you how powerful music can be. Sometimes it just gives you something to love. Sometimes it gives you something to feel like you’re not alone. Music is a heavy thing, but not a cure, as you implied.

  19. DasFremde

    Ashley looks like Bombshell McGee with less tatts.

  20. PureTWEAKx

    @Miahtm61 Pretty insane that words can cure something that is a chemical imbalance in your brain lol

  21. Miahtm61

    Atreyu Saved my life. Helped end my two year depression. I am getting an dedication Atreyu tattoo. Because of that. No words can ever express the words I have towards the band. :)

  22. Miahtm61

    OMG Thank you so much for posting this. I have been searching for years for The Brandon and Ashley segment tattoo by Kat Von D. :) You seriously Made my day.

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