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25 Responses to “Liz Friedman – LA Ink Reel”

  1. 74DJDML

    one of the fakest but first class grade A bitches you would ever be unlucky enough to meet. she is so damn fake i dont even think she knows who she is, she lies that much i dont think she knows what truth is she is in her own little bubble, cant stand her i simply cant find not even one good thing in this womans personalilty, she is bad to the core. not nice at all!!! who the hell needs people like her around??? pfffff she is delusional

  2. Fleursdelily

    OH speak of the devil! I just saw the episode when she gets fired in LA ink HAHAHA “Never been fired in my life?” *cough* *cough* BULLSHIT! xD

    “Over qualified” for the best tattoo shop in the world but ^the apple store? Literally……….ROTFL!!!!!!!!!

  3. Weesiebugger

    and if you wanted to be a bitch control freak you could go work at the office…

  4. mrsmjforlife

    i never liked liz

  5. llel11

    @GarbageBinLaden on the other hand, adrienne deserves a reward for not punching her lights out. it’s so bad that even if it was totally scripted, adrienne would STILL want to punch her the f*ck out, just on principle

  6. llel11

    that was like when something really bad happens to you and you try to block it out and for years you don’t even think about it and then one night you have a nightmare about it that won’t stop and just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and.

  7. Belenor

    She wants to tattoo….cause its not that hard? What the flying fuck…

  8. junie2314

    Nonesences girl. She’s like a boss to, everyone. I don’t like her.

  9. alexgmsea


  10. alexgmsea

    @rhoadsrules1 i agree. she’s super hot, and the way she stands her ground just makes her even more sexy.

  11. ThePonta931

    Shes such a BITCH!!!

  12. TruSticKyBudZ

    shes mad hott, but real bitchy

  13. GarbageBinLaden

    I couldn’t stand that fucking bitch! She’s a fucking nutcase!! Seriously there really was something just not right in that fucking head of hers! Like her fucking ideas of time cards and uniforms and shit? WTF??? I’ve worked in a tattoo shop and the whole point of it is to be easy going and down to earth. Not just that shit but also the way that she went out of her way to try and turn people against each other… well she’s lucky she’s a chick cause otherwise she would have gotten fucked up!

  14. Battlefront780

    who gives a crap!

  15. dejakhalz

    Liz is so fake but it makes me wanna fuck her even more

  16. darksecretlife

    Liz is so fake. I’m glad she got fired from LA Ink

  17. DenGual10

    @rhoadsrules1 kat is hot

  18. BlueScalyCool

    I missed the epidsodes when Liz got booted from the shop.. Still trying to search for ’em!

  19. 8tatts

    I don’t know who was worse, Liz or Aubry. At least Aubry was genuine, Liz is just a complete BITCH, i can’t stand over confident and backstabbing people.

  20. rhoadsrules1

    i quit watching LA Ink after liz was fired,i never seen a hotter chick on that show than liz…

  21. metairie33

    dam she is sexy as hell like to see her in a dp video lol

  22. jurunjulo

    I would give liz my 5 inches of thunder

  23. fenixz

    @nolit20 Bla bla bla~ say what?

  24. swiv2d

    Ami would shut her ass up

  25. serialcupcaker99

    omg I would totally toss her salad.

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