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Who Motivates you to keep your goals in life? KEEP IN TOUCH With Me At: Check Out the musician featured in this video: Kat Von D Ink Painting took 11 hours to make

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25 Responses to “ARTSY GIRL ON KAT VON D (Sketch Vlogs 2)”

  1. MsChampagneshowers

    probally end up looking like dildos cant erase that shit

  2. 67Renesmee

    For me it’s Kristen Stewart the star of twilight!

  3. akasha0wolf

    Micheal Jackson

  4. taylorswiftfan79614

    My favorite tv show was Rocket Power

  5. HornDogXD

    you should make a portrait made out of lipstick kisses 😛 like draw it with your lips. that would be <3

  6. mrPersonahlity0003

    for me obnoxious people you make me wanna get better so you’ll shut up ur mouth but the more i get better the you try to bring me down

  7. missreaderful

    agrreeeedd to rugrats!!! and courage and arnold!!!

  8. tucson01


  9. niggawithabuspass

    for me Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy he was awesome! your drawing are awesome too how long do they take?

  10. Betz33

    For me Rick Genest, Radeo Suicide, Lady Gaga <3

  11. BrokenFlames13

    I remember Sailor Moon and Invader Zim!!!!

  12. MissEvaaa95

    i always tell to my stuff to stay =D *talking to objects is só awesome*

  13. TinyLittleLouise

    i <3 that show!

  14. TheMissDisturbed

    Draw the Looney Tunes (:

  15. Cullenfanpires707

    U and lauren cohan and justin bieber and lady gaga

  16. namisan77

    Therealkatsketch inspires me and im ony 11 (:

  17. rockstarnikki17

    omgg!! you look like Mandy Moore!

  18. jrod1845

    my girl friend! <3

  19. jrod1845

    My girl frinend!!!<3

  20. blablabla17171717

    Shane Dawson too :)
    He is soo inspirational and loving <3

  21. TheBethHalliday

    Shane Dawson 😀 He Is REALLY Inspirational <3

  22. Monicaplay123

    @SasukeKat R.I.P the greatest man of our time <3

  23. Peytree13

    you i saw u like when i was 7 now im 12 soo ur awsome!

  24. cmanasc123

    this is a straight up question do u sell ur art becuz i wanna get a bob marley drawing

  25. ElizabethShouts

    My Mom…. <3

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