LA Ink • While Kat’s Away, Aubry Will Play • pt. 1/3 Posted by admin on November 19th, 2011 | Comments (17) |

*SEASON 3 EPISODE 6* Kat has to fly to New York to promote her new fragrance. So she hires tattooartist Dan Smith as a guest star in the shop. Enjoy! xoxo

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17 Responses to “LA Ink • While Kat’s Away, Aubry Will Play • pt. 1/3”

  1. dudethatsgay2

    I admit that aubrey is a dumbass but if you watched everything from season 3 kat is just a huge bitch! She said repeatly “I don’t hire people I don’t know” blah blah like she’s so much better than everyone else! Her competition is better than her I can’t stand her ass

  2. KaitRocksYourSocks

    DAAAAN <333

  3. jigglypuffxDdawg

    i dont think aubry understands what shes actually doing wrong lol

  4. MsHelenaka

    Aubrey is definitely a pain, useless (doesn’t know when to be quiet) and I think Kat should have got rid of her, but Adrienne has such an attitude problem. She can’t even be polite or gracious when offered an apology. She’s just a nasty woman with a bad attitude. I bet she’d be a bitch to anyone who got a job there who wasn’t in her little clique.

  5. TheMe1786

    Man i would hate to work there…they could atleast bring a positive vibe for the customers…and fight…later.!

  6. bettiep

    @kpeaches29 Its was for ratings.

  7. wffm

    its pathetic how they want viewers so bad they were willing to fire hannah and kim and keep on aubrey, even when they hate her.

  8. kpeaches29

    Why did she work there for such a long time, when nobody liked her ?? I don´t understand that

  9. cheamannn

    Ohmygosh I think they’re bring a little too harsh on Aubrey…

  10. TheVelvethM

    Dan is cute ! xd

  11. IDKcharlie

    Aubry is such a whore! “Are you single?” shut the fuck up blonde! Kat, please fire her, no one likes her.

  12. xjessicaraverzx

    Aubrey is such a douche, just do the job!

  13. ericwareheimslegs

    World’s Tallest Giants AND THEN Human Spiders? Jesus I missed out.

  14. namorthesubmarine

    Dear whoever uploaded this, I love you.

  15. MrNocturnax

    seriously they should just fire aubrey easy as that

  16. MarianMinty

    Dan is the most inspirational tattooer. I love his work! and his wife Skully is gorgous!

  17. 10711851

    cool that ur uploading again, thanks

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