‘High End Product Review’-Items from Kat Von D, Urban Decay, and Tarina Tarantino Posted by admin on November 17th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

I received these products as a gift. Please check out my wonderfully generous (and talented) friend’s channel here: www.youtube.com Tee shirt still available: muddyroots.myshopify.com

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25 Responses to “‘High End Product Review’-Items from Kat Von D, Urban Decay, and Tarina Tarantino”

  1. missbridgetk

    Thanks as always for the great videos, tips and inspiration! What color Tarina Tarantino blush color did you use? Thanks!

  2. jellosh0tlady

    Oooh mama! There you are! Love Lulu too. Any other vintage friends you can recommend? Lulu reminds me of you… Sweet, polite, and pretty… You look like sisters!

  3. LisaFreemontStreet

    @jellosh0tlady I took a week off of making videos. Very busy. Follow me on facebook for updates on which videos are coming as well as when I’m taking time off. :)

  4. jellosh0tlady

    :( have you been too busy to add another video? It’s been 13 days now… Hope the family is well, no runny noses… :) sorry to rush you, but I miss your smiling face. Can you do another recipe soon? Pretty please?

  5. jellosh0tlady

    Thank you for sharing your friend Lulu… She’s great too! :) love ya !

  6. marielacandie

    i found out about vintage with you and just loved how you make so wearable thank you

  7. LisaFreemontStreet

    @flOmarCOM Unless a company sends me stuff specifically for a giveaway, I don’t typically host a giveaway until I’ve reached another 10,000 subscribers. I am still 850 subs away from my next channel giveaway. However,I just reached 5,000 fans on facebook and I’ll be hosting a giveaway there in celebration. :_

  8. flOmarCOM

    Giveaway anytime soon ? :)

  9. LisaFreemontStreet

    @LisaFreemontStreet lol…videos. Not vehicles.

  10. LisaFreemontStreet

    @JoannaStockton I film two vehicles a week and only submit a VL article once a month. It’s inevitable that there will be revisits to popular styles and subjects. Especially since, as I said, lots of people don’t watch my videos. I will take this into consideration before submitting my next feature. Perhaps I don’t need to try to be in every issue.

  11. LisaFreemontStreet

    @HalloweenR5 They’ve tried to draw me over to the dark side but I will not do it. 😉 Just kidding, I’m not willing to stop using good music so I don’t qualify as partner. :)

  12. LisaFreemontStreet

    @gemmamgreen Thanks SO much!

  13. buffystewart12

    Once again too cute :)

  14. waywardear

    I also love the kat von d makeup really want to try it one day, and I can’t really stand her or her show, really. but the makeup seems so good and the packaging as well. love it when you do the high end reviews also, because you only show makeup thats worth the extra cash

  15. gemmamgreen

    I love vintage styles and make up but I find other tutorials just do the bog standard typical vintage look which is beautiful but you take that vintage style and make it look different each time whilst still keeping that vintage feel…. Love it xxx

  16. HalloweenR5

    have you ever tried to become a youtube partner? Your vids fit a niche so wonderfully i think they would probably approve it

  17. jellosh0tlady

    You are truly #1 in my opinion. smart, informative, honest, and fun to watch. I’m sure everyone agrees with me! I read all the comments on every video, you have so many fans! I’m gushing again… Sorry. You go, girl!

  18. tree91408

    thank you so much for the reviews on these products :) I have wanted to know how others liked the Naked palette, and I also love all the Kat von D products :)

  19. JLCammack

    I love your reviews. Thanks for taking the time to give us an honest opinion!

  20. evathecuban

    you should do a bettie page halloween tutorial!!

  21. IncessantLuminescent

    I just want to thank you for being such a genuinely helpful person and a truly excellent guru. Too many gurus treat their fans like dirt and complain about their viewers like they’re the scum of the earth. You always treat us with respect. You’re a rose among thorns Ashley.

  22. HonestHope

    You are fabulous.

  23. JoannaStockton

    @LisaFreemontStreet I think you misunderstood me. I highly appreciate your channel and efforts. I understand not everybody reads VLM but most who do watch your channel as well. Why don’t you first do the article and then the video. That way everybody’s happy. Again, I truly appreciate your channel.

  24. ABintroSPECTOR1

    I am so envious. I have ‘a go-go’ and I really wanted ‘punch drunk,’ but my Sephora sold out nearly immediately of that color.

  25. staciarose20

    Adora reminds me of Chanel Dragon a little bit. It’s lighter.

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