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Rory Ann gets a fusion of cultures tattooed on her foot as a symbolic gesture of the struggles she’s had in the past and her new beginnings. For more LA Ink, visit

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25 Responses to “LA Ink: Struggles And New Beginnings”

  1. s2chatz

    thats a beautiful tattoo!

  2. cca211

    Wow.. Super beautiful tattoo!!

  3. bgitfunk

    @MrRiceowlex Around 1 and 4 Americans have a tattoo. I bet one of your employees have at least one tattoo. So just stop being naive. Good tattoos are art. Do research and shut the hell up asshole

  4. thastoner94

    @MrRiceowlex shut the fuck up, prick.

  5. andreamyosis

    Don’t you think that the Salted Pig’s tail looks like a curly cock.
    Does her husband taste like a yummy salted pig with curly cock, wich makes you a disgusting ugly over obese?
    Or is it because you eat half of your clients plate before serving them, wich makes them runaway…?
    I hope they Don’t just serve pig… Anyway thier “logo” doesn’t give me any appetite.

  6. twistedwitch

    i really like the design but i don’t think it had the right colouring for something with sugar skull design

  7. bethbubble12

    @MrRiceowlex dude, ya just stupid people like tattoos because they show what ya have been though in ya life

  8. awt00

    nice tattoo

  9. fredgorey

    @MrRiceowlex I really hope you learn compassion you have way too much hate in your heart… thank god people with tattoos out number hateful persons like you, as far as it being a desecration of ones own body, I love myself & like our forefathers since the dawn of human kind we adorn our bodies with the symbols that are important to us. So that shows total respect for not only ourselves but the connection to our human history. your the who does not respect himself, not us.

  10. chrisk1103

    @MrRiceowlex Your ignorant and your the one that needs to wake the hell up. Its 2010 not 280BC. Tattoos are everywere and are going nowhere. If you are truely a business owner I hope it fails and some dude comes along with a full body suit and offers to help you get it going again, then you will understand that tattoos are a form of art and self expression and NOT a desecration to your body.

    PS – A full body suit is a person covered in tattoo from head to toe. Something else you didn’t know

  11. 19craiggy87

    @MrRiceowlex just because you got your ass beat by bikers with tattoo’s all through your childhood doesn’t mean everyone with a tattoo is a loser, actually the fact that your so closed minded to anything out of the ordinary means that you are the loser. Thats a lot of experiences and great people your throwing out the window because you can’t grow the fuck up and get past the cover.

  12. littlelucifer69

    A koi fish on the calf? How fucking original…

  13. AspirinTablets

    @zenzun07 you know his business is washing cars beside some old ass barber shop…

  14. Imaginatrixx

    koi is legendary, not only as an artist, he has such a great understand of what tattoos can mean for the person getting it. Kudos

  15. BaByXgIrL

    I love the spot she chose but I don’t like the design and its colors.

  16. zenzun07

    @MrRiceowlex haha dude your lame.

  17. stonedxwithoutxdrugs

    I love the way two total different styles are combined

  18. PWD65

    @MrRiceowlex Well that works out well because who wants to work for some business with a discriminative douche bag of a boss?

    I hope your shit business goes bankrupt

  19. Martan0

    I don’t like the tatoo.
    The colors are ugly.

  20. wingsofdrkness

    @MrRiceowlex, I cannot believe this. You wouldn’t hire anyone with tattoos? Isn’t that discrimination? Or is that just douchebaggery?
    My grandfather has tattoos. Do you know why? He was in the military. He served this country; he fought for this country. Are you going to say he’s a loser too?
    You’re close minded and intolerant. Stop spreading it where you’re not welcome.

  21. MrsNurple

    @MrRiceowlex I’m 15 years old, and I think everything you just said shows moral decline. Tattoos are NOT a desecration to your body, it’s an expression, it’s art. To be such a judgemental twat as to assume that all those with tattoos are ‘losers’ and that they are undeserving of a job is disgusting, and in itself immoral.

    You really need to stop wasting your time cussing on a video of a beautiful tattoo and get over yourself.

  22. MvrkCTv

    I wanna get tatted here so bad!

  23. MrRiceowlex

    Tattoos are a desecration to your own body. Guess most people have no respect for others, why assume they’d have any respect for themselves. Tell you another thing
    as someone with a business I’d never hire some loser with tattoos all over their arms.
    People need to wake the hell up and learn to respect themselves. This shows the moral decline in the United States. .

  24. hollyofgodsgirls

    Love it!!

  25. cornmuffin168

    it sounds more like her husband died more then their restraunt closed ;p

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