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Follow Twitter: www.twitter.com Fan Facebook: www.facebook.com Kat Von D Reveals: Jesse James Cheated on Me With 19 Women Hey Everyone I am Diana Madison For Hollyscoop! Kat Von D claims Jesse James cheated on her with 19 women during their “toxic relationship” … this according to a rambling confessional she just posted to her Facebook page. The Inked Reality TV star never mentions specifically if that’s why their relationship ended, but she does say she deserves a big fat, “I told you so,” from everyone: “You all were more right than you’ll ever know.” Although Jesse has no comments, sources say the two have been broken up for months. I guess the question remains, does anyone even care? Tell us your thoughts!

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9 Responses to “Kat Von D Reveals: Jesse James Cheated on Me With 19 Women”

  1. aadescorbet

    yea yea media can kiss my ass. everytime someone is in a relationship ,it’s the man that fucked up. it’s always the man that was an asshole. what about women? women never fuck up? women never cheat? tell the truth.


    i can never have that many tattoos.

  3. FHCE09

    Gawd what a terrifying SKANK!

  4. 1RealityBroadcasting

    Don’t knock on trouble’s door and then cry when he answers.

  5. YTfancol

    Yuck, those two make me sick

  6. InvestWebbot

    Without protection. No fucking kidding. What happen to EDUCATION?!!? it is said that people who have sex will catch AIDS/HIV/HERPES/STD/GUERRILLA/VIRUS.

    This isn’t right.

  7. rickcain2320

    Who the hell is jesse james, and why would a fat ass like him get so many women?

  8. betyerbottomdollar

    Cheated on her with 19 women?! Disgraceful. I was able to break the 20 mark with my last girlfriend before she found out. Gotta do better, Jesse…one better.

  9. SouthBayRick

    I don’t believe a word that kat Von D has to say. She is the big cheater.

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