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Music video tribute to one of the greatest tattoo artists on the planet, Kat Von D

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D-Tattoo Goddess”

  1. julie34712

    @slayyer000 wtf?????????O_O shes the hotest freaking girl ever!O_O

  2. julie34712


  3. Hitchhikeroftheyear

    Kat Von D is Hot ;D

  4. Guidje

    @slayyer000 saying (or typing, as you wish) that was a pretty creative way to came out the closet…

  5. sissarakal


  6. TattooGalleria

    < —- Hot Tattoo images.

  7. IwarnU1617

    @slayyer000 we all have our own taste in women, u obviously have bad taste dude

  8. m2m1807

    m nkantan sus tatooos

  9. TheMike278

    @slayyer000 Your crazy dude Shes hot man!!

  10. TheMike278

    Kat you are soooooo freakin HOT!!!!!!!! Aint got a thing to do with da tats. You are BEAUTIFUL baby!!! Would love to get some ink by you, aint seen you since Miami Ink?? What state she workin in?? L.A??

  11. TheMike278

    Kat you are soooooo freakin HOT!!!!!!!! Aint got a thing to do with da tats. You are BEAUTIFUL baby!!!

  12. TheMike278

    Kat you are soooooo freakin HOT!!!!!!!!

  13. blackraven495

    @slayyer000 she’s very beautiful without the tats.

  14. NeoNPaNdaZTV

    @slayyer000 i think shes pretty

  15. HeraldOfHypo

    @slayyer000 yea, i’ve seen pictures of her without tats, she’s still pretty fucking sexy.

  16. DaveJolieIV

    @slayyer000 She’d still be beautiful without the tats

  17. slayyer000

    shes ugly the only reason she is so “hot” is cuz the tats

  18. SuperMarinello

    She is brilliant !!!

  19. JanaeLikesCake

    those are her hands; i hope you know.

  20. MrCornetto94

    i officialy?Kat Von D n her friend Pixie Acia
    there the hottest fuckin people iv ever seen and yes there my hands that are gettin shown at 0.15 wow wat a night that was i think theyed both agree.

  21. KunimitsuHunter

    She’s hot :O and her tattoos are awesome! :)

  22. tomschick123

    I love her tattoos!!! ?

  23. Raenduz

    Tattooed Dancer by Ozzy Osbourne.

  24. TAK2789

    kat von d is so hot an is a brill tattoist :D:D

  25. bstalkers

    Our tattoos rule over yours hahaha

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