Kat Von D, Bam Margera & Mike Vallely at Active Posted by admin on November 13th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

Kat Von D, Bam Margera, Mike Vallely and Chad Muska signed autographs at Active Ride Shop in Westwood, CA to promote Kat’s new series of decks for Element. Mike Vallely’s band Revolution Mother performed.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D, Bam Margera & Mike Vallely at Active”

  1. ninilbilly

    Mike V. is a lousy father. What a tool. Get a real life douche bag.

  2. pcanna23

    hahahahaha that’s what happen when you try to take a photo of kat!! “…and Bam Splat!…” 0:13

  3. SpitFire8212

    only one who i like is mike v

  4. RamboMax12

    @nick7allright Damn right he wud

  5. nick7allright

    @RamboMax12 he will still fuck you up

  6. skaTeboardkidd45

    @cantlandaswitchflip she dosnt

  7. cantlandaswitchflip

    i didnt know kat von d skatedboarded

  8. LittleMInDaHouse

    how fast your hairs are growing…..I remeber, 3 months ago you had really short hairs!

  9. RamboMax12

    @dp471 Cuz he looks like a caveman brah lol

  10. dp471

    @RamboMax12 why should it matter how his hair is, kinda lame you judge someone based on their hair style

  11. boracho714

    Kat Von…lame ass fuck, revolution mother……lame…. bam, mike as skaters fucking rule……..and fuck you!

  12. skider90

    At 3.00 theres a girl holding an Element board waiting in line. When i see that i get surprised because shes cheering for some real legends like Bam and Mike, but she looks like the kind of girl that would be screaming for ryan sheckler. Some of the girls that cheer for Ryan dont even know what an ollie or a kickflip is. Their just like. OMG HES SOOOO HOT. Fuck that. That girl was cool cuz shes a true fan.

  13. gualiptheiguana

    @mrtaylorA1 stupidest shit ive ever heard, well everything but the kat von D part. the rest is just stupid.

  14. mrtaylorA1

    ok, i would want bam to smack me, kat to fuck me, and mike v to hit me with his skateboard

  15. venturaproductions

    can you imagine being them just chillin with kate von D,mike vallely and bam margera

  16. nicolesamsonite

    yeee mike v

  17. fyenw

    chad muskaaa

  18. Brutality169

    wtf?! o0

  19. codmetoo

    @xthegamebatista same dude

  20. xthegamebatista

    damn i want to get slaped by bam…

  21. EquinoxMovieNews

    kats so fuckin hot

  22. fazelife

    dude mike V is a badass.

  23. jcrro

    ta mucho bueno..

  24. daffieduck5757

    Revolution mother.

  25. SolitarySK8boards

    Mike Vallely best skater of all time 😀

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