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Jeffree Star on TLC’s LA Ink. People, don’t be such idiots, if you don’t like it don’t watch it. If you don’t like JStar then don’t talk about him, and stop searching his name on youtube, you’re not going to get attention on here, so just go away.

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25 Responses to “Jeffree Star on LA INK”

  1. peanut0535

    Fuck he is so amazing, k like he just seems to wonderful to be true, like he listened to her and he was so attentive and sweet. mannnn

  2. nginethemba

    I fucking love Jeffree Star. <3

  3. laoiyah

    ahahahha to jcbsn so true everyone acts like kat is going to read this ahaha who cares whos she with now thats scary tha you care so much like just worry about yourselves

  4. jcbsn

    Stop leaving shitty comments about Kat not dating Orbi anymore, or how shes with Nikki Sixx now, she isn’t going to read it, idiots.

  5. xxxAlesanaFan4everxx

    yay to of my faverate people in the whole entire world are there . but aww poor kat and wow jeffree is such a great friend

  6. marissa199456

    Jeffree is the best!!!

  7. FerSure67

    two ahhhmazing ppl on one tv screen 😀

  8. maggotchick1313

    Jeffree Star is amazing <3<3<3 And of course, Kat rox my sox

  9. MuffinMonday2

    he rocks! i saw his flickr once. but only

  10. simplyscream

    haha so was i, i was like NO WAY!

    another reason y to go to la jeffree and kat are there

    they are both faf!!!

  11. FFTLandPATDrock

    i was soo happy when i saw him on la ink =]

  12. bxtch1

    i wanted to see this episode and i watched it that day and i didnt see it!

  13. fcukush1tbag

    i luv jeffree!!!! i waited 4 dis episode like mad!lol

  14. tMAFIAA

    awe jeffree is such a good listener. <3

  15. knupIII

    kat & jeffree best of best

  16. nanako21

    i love jeffree

  17. metmunk

    omg. Jeffree Star is sooooooo gorgeous…i am so jealous i wanna look that fabulous…

  18. paintedonsmile


  19. nekosyaoran

    im so fucking in love with jeffree star

  20. mitchykinsxx

    Jeffree Star is my fucking HEROOOOO

  21. pikklesarehott

    i love his hair their. i want my done that precise color but im not sure if ill be able too :(

  22. innercitykids

    :) i hope you made that person cry.
    for saying what they said

  23. kh2ff72

    seriously lol i think you did wondeful

  24. ilyRawrr

    I love them both. Kat Von D + Jeffree Star = one Jesusly time. <33333333333 xD

  25. emoelephanty

    hes beautiful

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