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Kat Von D works on opening her new shop. Looks like Steve-O is a client!!!

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 2nd Episode Teaser”

  1. SuperRaveMonster

    i love steve o they should hav stayed together

  2. lovemeex0

    i love kat von dee. shes so sweet<3

  3. atfatw


    kat von D really sucks she is just an airhead party girl from the most banal place on earth argentina

  4. bulikhba

    i like steve-o but how many tattoos of your own face can u have?

  5. mizko73

    steve o is drunk ass

  6. mizko73

    steve o sucks!!!

  7. basamente

    man kat’s such a cooze. everytime I turn around she’s hanging all over some new loser. after this it was Ville then Orbi now Grandpa sixx. get hiv.

  8. pugluverdudette135

    u r

  9. pugluverdudette135

    the girls probably got tired of yours gey wad

  10. prlad85

    What is the song playing in the background?


    haha baby steve-o that made me laugh

  12. artfan101

    Kat Von D is so fake.
    all you hot topic girls who think she is such a cool chick and want to be her, here is a tip. be yourself not some lame broad from TV.

  13. nicky8904

    WTF IS THIS CONVERSATION if you dont like steve-o then dont watch the show … and shut the fuck up .

    P.S. steve-o is sexy

  14. shawndesmann

    u sucker hoe

  15. basamente

    steve-os text mess.about her is true. she did screw over orbi 4 nikki. she’s a ho.

  16. devinrae11

    wow really LOWASS thing to say bout someone you dont even KNOW

  17. devinrae11

    .im a girl assfuck

  18. hazizo

    the guys got tired of her fat ass

  19. hazizo

    are you a fuckin faggot or some shit ?

  20. hazizo

    are you a fuckin dyke ?

  21. hazizo

    you said it

  22. devinrae11

    okay wow
    he can live his life and he can do what he wants i ove him to death

  23. stephenziemann

    Steve-O is a sack o’ shit and should lay of the fucking drugs for 5 minutes of his life…

  24. h92801

    you guys suck

  25. acv199


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