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**After next week the show goes on hiatus for a few months** While Kat struggles with the decision to go on tour with Nikki, she puts Michael and Rooftop in charge of the event space next door. The tension between Amy and Ruthless reaches a boiling point over a tattoo convention.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E12 Kat Minus Sixx Pt-1”

  1. dee6694

    @EmilyAnn2929 No it’s not just you, he really is the most annoying person… very irritating to watch.

  2. EmilyAnn2929

    Is it just me or is Kat’s brother the most negative person ever? He is always worrying and complaining about something. ANNOYING!!

  3. Guitarrig31

    I am weirdly attracted to Amy, christ shes hot

  4. DancingDead02

    Why is Kats brother such a idiot. Does he have ANY common sense?!

  5. nunchuckerz

    the only real people in this show are amy and corey

  6. SwampAshSpecial

    its ridiculous how the intros to these don’t show any actual tattooing any more… just drama… I gotta be honest, I do quite enjoy the drama in a weird way too though…

  7. kirkitadze

    ahh Corey my most favorite artist after Dali<3

  8. katybee007

    God kat is so fucking annoying. she is dumb at life. some guy always tells me i remind him of her, and though it was allegedly meant as a compliment, i was very disturbed. i will admit that she is a great tattoo artist though. oh and i love corey he’s a beast

  9. 7oor100

    amy only you have black t-shirt ????

  10. yoroot20

    god fuckin damnit nikki is such a douche

  11. engelarzt

    Michael, shut up!!!

  12. themckinnondude

    ruthless….f*** hahahaha lil crazy person

  13. Absolutentertainment

    Hey, check out this video ofRuthless from LA Ink:

  14. eleonora1782

    oh God i don’t even care about kat and her shoppe. The only reason i even watch this show is to see Craig, who i’m insanely in love with. He’s driven me so mad that i pine with melancholy love for him each day!!! *))))

  15. Boredoutofmywits

    What would be de drama is she would? 😉 Thank you so much for uploading this by the way.

  16. Travizza

    wow, the Alice in Wonderland tattoo is one of the best I’ve seen in this show! and the placement on the leg is so cool!!

  17. Jakathera

    @Goldline74 that’s what i was implying 😀

  18. Goldline74

    @Jakathera Jabberwocky is the poem. Jabberwock is the monster described in the poem.

  19. Goldline74

    @Jakathera Jabberwocky is the poem. Jabberwock is the monster describe in the poem. By the way, you misspell it 😉

  20. DaisyLiveChannel

    something very sexy about craigs insanity…

  21. 503

    @deesan82 yeah it does look hella fake

  22. sllimfej

    @lainkepisodes That’s because she is not good enough of an actress to follow the script

  23. jhood75

    i miss Miami Ink

  24. Jakathera

    she don’t deserve that tat… it’s a jaberwok, not jaberwoky

  25. deesan82

    Kat’s hair looks like a wig… huh…

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