LA Ink S04E21 Nothing Is Forever Not Even Tattoos (Series Finale) Posted by admin on November 3rd, 2011 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E21 Nothing Is Forever Not Even Tattoos (Series Finale)”

  1. rasmidatta

    what’s that guitar song name starting at 33:14 ???

  2. MelissaFIENDhorrOr

    for some reason i think dan is hot

  3. A166able


  4. silentscreamthroe

    I cried when Kat started crying.



  6. TheJbhater45

    i love jeffree star!!! and i love those contacts!

  7. TheLelexTv

    So, L.A ink is definitely finished?

  8. sucideduett

    @2shredder03 LOL. Nope!

  9. 2shredder03

    ewww jeffree star is a disgrace to humanity

  10. LegacyTattoos


    just because its a reality show dosent mean its real. you can tell by watching that the only things that arent scripted are the actual tattoos, and if you really are an actor you probably wouldnt be on youtube claiming you are, nobody cares if youre an actor

  11. mitchbuffy

    at 12:00 loooooool wtf is it , yuuurk …

  12. dabowler93

    omg i cant stand jessie!!!

  13. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    Rooftop is such a dickhead.

  14. JosieSanelly

    @seijoscha ja das ist die letzte episode :) :(

  15. JHEEEZ1000

    every time i watch la ink i cry, some of the stories are amazing

  16. gravess27

    arianna just go neck up honestly.

  17. martinsbigmouth

    two things.
    this is a realtiy show not soap opera. as a actor i get really pissed off with ppl saying theres a script and its fake and kats acting. i know acting and she not acting
    and the second. they dont say if shes still working at LA Ink. i know thats a daft question but it wasnt made clear if she still works there on the on off or she still there as a full time. just all i wanted to say

  18. DurtyHarrys

    ye , and by the way , its all fooken fake±!

  19. DecaMMM

    Thanks for uploading I hope you upload season 2 NY INK when it comes back. NY INK seem a lil more real and showcase more tattoos and its not always about Ami James unlike Kat Kat Kat whatever she wants.

  20. CoolInOlympia

    She really has done well for herself! I will miss watching these !!!!

  21. 1689skye

    @lainkepisodes well sorry i didnt know that so i take back what i said

  22. lainkepisodes

    @1689skye let’s see, he said that he forgave himself for cheating on her & it was ok because everyone does it. He talked about how Kat was so much better in bed than Sandra, implied that Sandra didn’t love him & that she was acting when she would say she did, wrote a book about their marriage. That’s just the stuff I can remember off the top of my head, I don’t even like to read about him. Just read Kat’s come to her senses hopefully for good & dumped him again.

  23. 1689skye

    @lainkepisodes how did he rub it in her face?

  24. Sindollx666x

    @kiddhitta Also Skye is right they can’t always tell what birth defects someone will have until birth-or close to. What is so bad about giving your disabled child the love an nurturing they deserve from their family? Parents that put kids in a home leaving them to rot and never know the tender care they could’ve had from their family is much worse.I learned more from him than you could ever possibly understand without the experience yourself. The heartache was all worth it- he was my angel.

  25. Sindollx666x

    @kiddhitta This is SO VERY untrue. I grew up with a severely disabled younger brother who wasn’t supposed to live to be a year old- Doc’s didn’t know until birth. He made it nearly to 23. He had many life saving surgeries. It’s amazing what love from family and friends can do- He was very happy, loved, and taught everyone around him so much. You shouldn’t make comments so general about something you have obviously never experienced or lived through. (I have a memorial tat for him too)

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