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*SEASON 3 EPISODE 3* Amy doesn’t feel comfortable in the shop so decides to speak to Kat and stop working at High Voltage, leaving Aubrey all alone and without a ‘soulmate’ in the shop. Enjoy!xoxo

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25 Responses to “LA Ink • Kat bares it all • pt. 1/3”

  1. steffidoingstuff

    I wonder how Aubrey made her driving license. She doesnt even know how a deer looks like.

  2. blackbox43

    this show sold out big time, i miss the old LA Ink with Hanna and Kim. Now, there’s just too much drama, it’s like watching Jersey Shore or a bad soap opera,

  3. divintage

    mmm aubrey was on rock of love, and i hated her, and now too,



  5. ness1107

    If I ran a shop, I would not have Aubrey as part of my team. She’s unprofessional and can’t think for herself and lacks the ability to multitask. BUT that photocopier thing was wrong… Adrienne should have talked her through it instead of whizzing through it at breakneck speed and expecting her to pick it up straight away. Adrienne is a good worker but needs to be more patient and a better teacher, and that is what will make her better at her job.

  6. Nicolerulezlife

    @Nicolerulezlife sad*

  7. Nicolerulezlife

    @ifuwantpeaceXwar Just made me said how what i saw look like bulling bc she was a blonde pretty girl.I wonder how much was for t.v. or real.It just bother me bc seem like they bully ppl. I feel bad when other just enjoy inflicting pain to others for their enjoyment.That was my point and why keep her cut threw the bull crap but also their are ppl with learning disability’s and I wonder how if they tried for the job would they be that cruel to them as well.Its a show right everything for ratings.

  8. Nicolerulezlife

    I didn’t see anyone teach her anything but just guess how to do it.Don’t ppl train yea first and IF they didn’t like her from the beginning then why did they keep her.It to me seem like s cruel joke.That’s my point.Even with her having trouble keeping up wouldn’t you fire her then wait?No one deserve disrespect just bc how they look and act.I get what your saying and I just know threw other ppl its harder for them to learn then other ppl but once they do their gr8 at their jobs.

  9. ifuwantpeaceXwar

    @Nicolerulezlife if you can’t keep up with a fast business you shouldn’t be working there. any business, not just LA INK, would have done the same thing. They need people who are on their toes and can do things quickly and accurately and she was too much of a liability.

  10. XxMadiMxX

    Im on the I hate Aubrey bandwagon…….

  11. Nicolerulezlife

    even with it being scripted it just not cool.I like Miami ink bc the ppl over their didnt pass judgement and tried to help other tattoos.Idk like the art just sad bc i think it be nice if it wasnt scripted.

  12. Nicolerulezlife

    you kno i kinda feel bad for Aubery bc what if she has slow learning skills.So do they like picking on ppl who have trouble with learning from others.Not everyone is smart like everyone else.also with Amy not wanting to helo teach then why are u an artist?Sad bc maybe if u care more about others then yourself you could of made someone more gr8 then they already are.Idk I thought Kat was cool but not likeeing what I seen.

  13. InspectorJavert1820

    I love Adrienne, she’s my favorite!!

  14. jelena2112

    why is amy (or anyone else) taking advice from aubrey ????

  15. NightxAngell

    I love the guy’s accent

  16. DarkAngel22493

    If there is a “I hate Aubrey Band wagon”, I want to jump on it!!!!! :)

  17. CancerousKirsten

    I love how all the top comments are hating on Aubrey<3. She's a tawt, she needs to be fired, etc. I think she was added, for the drama.

  18. nunchuckerz

    kinda feel for aubrey, i know how it feel not being wanted in a place you like working

  19. Kirilicar

    …if I drive that kind of a car, I would never have to be a “shop manager” and from when a shop manager means clean the “shit” around the shop… LOL :)

  20. FaerieDustt

    Aubry may be an air head but Kat’s using it as an excuse to be a complete bitch. There’s no need for that, it’s just making Aubry worse

  21. jchristianevans

    This episode was hilarious yet painful to watch.

  22. dfsdf565464

    I hate Aubrey. Just get rid of her already.

  23. aheartofg0ld

    “Except for the ‘deer head” She says. -______-

  24. LeaLikesIcecream

    I can’t get over it :DDD
    “Off cos. We wöa a tiem fromm se först dei on.”
    Sorry guys, I just find that hilarious^^

  25. LeaLikesIcecream

    I knew he was from Germany from his accent :DDDDDDDDD
    German accent is like the WORST ever (and I’m from Germany :D)

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