Kat Von D’s at Sephora Sinner Look: Metal Orchestra Palette How-to Posted by admin on October 25th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

Watch Kat Von D’s tutorial using her Metal Orchestra Palette. Shop Kat Von D at Sephora now: bit.ly

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s at Sephora Sinner Look: Metal Orchestra Palette How-to”

  1. RetardsonMac

    i have the tattoo eyeliner shes using in this video, and i havent used mine that much because i cant tell if it rain out of ink or anything but why would it when i just got it?

  2. TheScript55

    omg her makeups always stunning <3

  3. vienneseoyster43

    Love her makeup!! you should be able to look however you want! Im sick of these ugly haters who are mad that they cant pull of certain makeup looks! stick to your boring ass nude lips…beautiful people can rock nude lips,red lips,purple lips,smoky eye,neutral eye and everything else!!! LOOOVE KAT’S FACE

  4. MsJaggerz

    I Love Kat Von D ~ Great video!

  5. BleedTheWineUnholy

    That Tattoo Liner is AMAZING, idk why people aren’t raving about it more. I wear cat-eye liner every day and I’ve been doing it since I first started wearing makeup. Out of all the liquid liners I’ve used (more than I can even remember), I can honestly say this one has the best applicator of them all!! Plus, I’ve been caught in the rain umbrella-less with this stuff on and to my surprise, it didn’t budge. For a liquid formula, that is damn impressive.

  6. TheMakeUpGirl3

    go Kat!!

  7. paolisrana

    @gitana1826 Se puso el High Voltage Primer en el color “Smokey”. La marca es de ella (de Kat Von D). Y si, el silver viene en la paleta.

  8. 14bribrianna

    i want to collect alll her palletes because theyre just so dam amazing lol. and shes just so amazingly gorgeous

  9. AkiAme0

    Kat Von D is an amazing person herself, and i also really ADORE her makeup line. I plan on collecting it all… so far. i got 3 palettes.. 3 lipglosses, her perfume ring and two full size sinner and saint bottles and the sinner/saint roller ball:)
    long way to goo right???
    Im anxious to get her lipsticks:)
    And im a big fan of blues.. they look best on me, so i really want the metal orchestra palette XD

  10. presweet08

    @dronevanity just depot it and put it in a reclosable container (like the one sephora gives for free samples) and add a little bit of moisturizer to it (add just a little bit then add more if needed). once youve blended the slayer cream with the moisturizer close up the container and voila!

  11. dgl1962

    Kat wears a wig

  12. viafaithfranseCa

    Fuck. I love her.

  13. gitana1826

    q es lo q te aplikas primero ?un praimer de ese color y cual es? de q marka gracias

  14. gitana1826

    el silver biene en la paleta?

  15. tonymarra18772


  16. KarrieKalamity

    @TheMsdarkmetal she has one


  17. ShaunWhiteismyGinger

    @TEENAGExZ0MBIE hehe


    @ShaunWhiteismyGinger Your username made me lol.

  19. juliaaxox22

    thumbs up if daisypetalss sent you here :)

  20. dronevanity

    Slayer dried up within a few months. :(

  21. DEMONA5150

    @thexsinxwithin I know right?? WTF is up with that??? O_o it sux!!

  22. urouttaurLementdonni

    i love how her eye makeup technique is counter intuitive to almost every tutorial out there, but perfectly in keeping with her nature…she goes for the darkest shade available and goes from there!

  23. ayanneih

    lucifer lol i love the naming of the products, its interesting

  24. TheMsdarkmetal

    I love her style and her make up. It would be amazing if she did get her own youtube channel.

  25. aladdinnia

    Oh my god I love her!!!!

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