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Kat Von D ventured out to Club LAX for the Skinnie Magazine party with her on the cover. LND TV was there to cover all the fun.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D at Club LAX”

  1. curtmastor

    @curtmastor 3:11 one of the many middle age assholes who cashed in on the douchebag era of MMA and tattoo reality shows.

  2. curtmastor

    nightlubs like this are attention whores trying to get thee attention of IT geeks and fantasy football nerds. as evident by 0:53

  3. curtmastor

    @seymourbbest no shit. Von D was a fucking mess around this time i think. totally addicted to booze and coke.

  4. Tina135790

    cool :PP i like the club, cool :DD

  5. MrBpond

    Mr B Pond – She got me -(Lady Gaga Sex Song)

  6. AttackxThexzombies

    Lol how are they posers someone explain please explain that
    wow kat von d your awesome 😀

  7. atfatw


  8. lunadog21

    i feel stupider having seen this.

  9. bladerunner900

    @starlitkate Why are there so many people hating Kat von d?? what she done wrong??

  10. bladerunner900

    @atfatw Whats wrong with her??

  11. bladerunner900

    @seymourbbest Why??

  12. seymourbbest

    Herpes headquarters.

  13. practicalwhacktical

    :53. Come to Club LAX. We’re not like those other clubs where guys have to stand around watching girls dance together. Oh wait….

  14. dutchfreaker

    LAX looks like a boring ass club


  15. herbheads

    I am so with you penske13. Although there are much more exciting things to do, I’d feel more real sat at home with my stereo cranked (hitting the bong) than if I hung with that crowd in a club that charges extra to make you feel a sense of wealth and plays shit music to boot! I’m glad there are people like you making these kinds of comments!!!

  16. torkerbmx

    the Blond at 2:40 is amazing , who are you , Meow ??

  17. atfatw

    if a woman could be a schmuck Kat Von D would be the greatest schmuck ever!

  18. penske13

    @MsCLARKSON10 yer fuckin kiddin right? she has totally flaked the fuck out and gone on a food hatin trip ….AGAIN! she’s fuckin mental and she belongs in the shit heap club with all of the other fake ass people. pffft!!

  19. penske13

    @rem2267 i mean really man! c’mon !! fucking suck central.

  20. rem2267

    @penske13 — LMAO!

  21. starlitkate

    This club looks sucky. No wonder Kat is there. This has got to be one of the trashiest, skankiest clubs there is. Ewwww!

  22. MsCLARKSON10

    kat von d is the ONLY good thing about tihs

  23. CFLanJ

    If your able to talk clearly in a club, or more ridiculously do an interview!! FIND A NEW CLUB!

  24. pittbull187

    @MozKrew2006 cus she is fake thats why she got fired cus she is a snobby upstuck bitch

  25. 52hogan

    This sucks………..

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