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Here’s our version of one of those tattoo reality shows like “Miami Ink,” only with a twist…everyone’s an idiot. —————–HEY! CLICK THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON UP THERE! If you don’t, you won’t be instantly alerted when we make new comedy. We have other Youtube channels, too! Check them out on our main profile page. —————— FOLLOW us on TWITTER! Brock: Chris: ——————- FAN us on FACEBOOK! ——————- OUR WEBSITES! http

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25 Responses to “LA Ink”


    Hey all you LA lnk fans go to my Channel and look at my videos of what I think LA lnk

  2. abbythesuperfreak

    @skullman207 OH NOEZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. skullman207

    Impossible… Two youtube accounts for one person!?

  4. abbythesuperfreak

    @GraceAbby nawwwwwh the past me was so cuuuuuute

  5. cleo13401

    you guys are fucking idiots get a life and dont make fun of la ink you fuckwitts just koz you cant tattoo for real doesent mean you have to make fun of it and if i see you in the street im gonna smash you.

  6. thephantomerik

    I laughed pretty much the whole way through this. Keep up the good work! :)

  7. martinjanigga

    very embarrasing :-/:-/!!!

  8. kingpin7224

    fake and gay kat von should kick ur gay ass

  9. ance2006

    miami ink is so much better…

  10. oceallaigh2003

    they are all a bunch of mediocre talented prima donnas with princess complexes,yeah even the guys.

  11. choronomid

    don’t worry this is just going to feel like a stab in the arm.

  12. aesthetic666

    i agree. without miami ink, kat would be a rotting piece of shit. she treated ami disrespectfully and expected to still be handed everything. god knows how she became a tattoo artist, she is very unappreciative and to put the frosting on the cake, SHE IS A RACIST (look it up).

  13. gluesniffer11

    you are fag

  14. bj616

    To Funny! This is fucking great shit, I love it!!!

  15. juugoolart

    haha! that was hilarious.. got a laugh, thanks!! 😀 😀

  16. dudesweet2006

    love it.

  17. merrintrue

    LOL – sweet parody … and man your 3rd eye is strong – – parodying something from the future 😛 ( my husband has the dvd collection of miami ink as well as LA ink :-/ )

  18. angelabw13

    well i guess im an idiot they suck. Miami ink is very lame and kat rocks. And who cares if miami started it for them

  19. knowledgegs

    miami ink started it for la ink, an no they do not suck, youd be an idiot thinking they suck, kat von d just over dramatic

  20. studio8

    No problemo.

  21. angelabw13

    oh okay sorry

  22. studio8

    Well, this was uploaded a year and a half ago, before LA Ink even existed…so there’s that. Now we have to get lives!

  23. angelabw13

    miami ink sucks no body watches it! so why r u trying 2 make fun of LA ink. and gett a life!

  24. paulrachygissing

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahaha CLASSIC!! that was entertaining thanks guys! :-)

  25. mrchrismcintyre

    Love that third eye

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