LA Ink’s Kat Von D Inspired Make-up Posted by admin on October 19th, 2011 | Comments (25) | Kat Von D ‘s makeup is a mix of classic pin-up and glam rock. (This ended up being pretty long so excuse my editing, I’m trying! :) Thanks for watching.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink’s Kat Von D Inspired Make-up”

  1. TmakeupG

    @TheMzCherryBerry Thanks, I appreciate that!

  2. TheMzCherryBerry

    this is the most spot on kat von d look that ive ever seen done!! you go girl!

  3. LoreeLamia

    Omg you are gorgeous.. but without makeup :(

  4. Makeup4Dummies

    you kind of look like spencers sister in Pretty Little Liers!

  5. airahmorena08

    your sooo pretty!! in ur thumbnail u kindah look like her :)

  6. AkiAme0

    liquid or gel liner and a liner brush.. apply a sharp wing at the outter corner of her eye :) It would also be awesome if you used ALL KVD products.!:) Her cosmetics are one of my favs!!! I own 3 limited edition palettes and one regular palette. I own 3 of her perfumes and perfume ring, and also her LIPGLOSS! I must say, if you love her shadows.. i’d recommend to try her lipglosses out. :)
    Well, awesome tutorial :3 i will be finding you on facebook. xD

  7. AkiAme0

    k, this comment will most likely be long & might end up posting 2 comments. 😛
    With total honesty… first i must say, as a makeup freak & a professional makeup obsesser, i ADORE THIS LOOK! This is one of the most ACCURATE Kat Von D looks i’ve EVER seen. if not the most accurate. I love the way you did it! As a non-tattooed KVD, fan for about.. 5 years now, i believe you captured her exact look. That’s pretty awesome. The only thing i’d change is to add a bit of a pinky blush also, and with

  8. TheRedheadeditalian

    i love the look, but the eyelids are unsymmetrical

  9. AshleyMaureen18

    Oh my gosh.. i love how you explain things. You are really talented.

  10. xXxprincezaxXx


  11. TheChyanne2011

    before the makeup is on, you remind me SO MUCH of jennifer lopez lol

  12. RipKDCobain6794


  13. jessicaa1111

    Love your naturally beautiful face and the perfect makeup. You look absolutely gorgeous.

  14. poli6ady

    u kinda remind me of megan fox … u have her shape of the face .. U r amazing <3

  15. MUSIIIC8

    You should be a model! Natural beauty is all i can say! Love the make-up to! 😉

  16. RedLightsOnGreen

    you look so beautifull without makeup! 😮

  17. glittermonkey78

    you are amazing and gorgeous

  18. TheYvonnelee

    wow u did a great job!

  19. ltBARBiEs

    Thats really gorgeous !!! good job !

  20. moathorlind

    Very well explained all throughout the video, keep it up! :) Oh, and OMFG you’re beautiful!

  21. MelandMakeup

    OMG, I just found you and think you are amazing!! Please come back and do more video’s, I love watching your beautiful looks!! xoxo

  22. Nikele1967

    I can’t find your attached information for this video anywhere on you tube. I tried the search for nj makeup artist. Nada. Please help me find out the best products and brushes to use for this look. thanks! :)

  23. Nikele1967

    I searched on facebook for this…nj makeup artist. Did not find you. oh well, I looked for your attached video for this look and your products you used… i give up for now, unless someone can hlp me with this searching frustration.

  24. Nikele1967

    @Nikele1967 Sorry, I wasn’t finished looking at the entire vid, and you said i can find info on your face book link. I will check it out.

  25. Nikele1967

    Hey girl,
    Thanks so much for this video it is really an amazing take on her makeup. I was wondering if you could tell me which brushes you use. For the blending the dark color you use number 24, and you said a word with the number like Queen, or was it clean? Then with the whitish color you used another brush with white bristles. Is there any reason for the two different types of blending brushes? Also, if i were to buy a brush set, and only one, which type of brushes are essential? u rock!

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