KAT VON D Avoids Nikki Sixx at JACKASS 3D Premiere Posted by admin on October 19th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

Maximo TV www.maximotv.com http Kat Von D at JACKASS 3D Premiere atMann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California USA October 13, 2010 ***This footage is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for more information at maximotv.com for proper clearance. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ / maximotv.com

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25 Responses to “KAT VON D Avoids Nikki Sixx at JACKASS 3D Premiere”

  1. lintuxmarsxechelon

    AWKWARD MUCH? poor kat :(

  2. Thinrap768

    God, she was just getting out of the way of their picture… geez.. let them do there thing, it’s their own lives…

  3. paigerockson

    Kat Von Transvestite.

  4. MsMovieLover22

    I love Nikki and Bam =D

  5. Blackbutterflies98

    @motleyron thats really harsh. team Kat Von D<3

  6. motleyron

    shes a douchebag

  7. xlaurensparklesx

    Jeeze, that poor thing. I think it’s awesome she stood there for as long as she did, though. I’d just try to run through the photographers as fast as I could.

  8. moviesmusicandshizz

    go to 0:32 for the really awkward moment

  9. Filbob21

    did anyone else realize, that her head is unproportional to the rest of her body. it is really big

  10. boocho1


  11. KillerBuzzTattoo

    What the fuck is all that yelling! Man, no wonder why actors and musicians get irritated…..Hahaha, I heard one of the photographers saying “Kat, Kat, Kat, aaaaah thanks for nothing!”

  12. CynthiaCyanide666

    i could her all those cuss words she was saying in her head

  13. gackteternal

    Poor kat I feel rele bad for her

  14. Reldnahc1987

    Wow Celebrities are people too! They are only people, leave them alone!

  15. bethylessthan3

    wow bam looked pissed :$

  16. deadsetmassascared

    That was so uncomfortable. He’s all “Baby come back!” In his new book and she’s just like “Dude, it’s over. Let me the fuck go.” Can’t lie. I’d do something like that if my boyfriend and I split.

  17. 1cruefan4life

    bam looks so drunk, Nikki is my idol

  18. parafleet

    One thing you have to remember about this is: What is wrong with Green Bean Johnson.

  19. EmilyStrange6666

    im mad at kat for dating jesse, i miss nikki and kat :(

  20. slikkar

    Nikki had so much better women in his life than Kat…so I was suprised he was apparentlly heartbroken when they parted ways….Jesse James is not cool at all imo..

  21. slikkar

    Nikki is by the way far superior than Kat in every sense….he’s an icon..

  22. RHicksjr777

    Those paparazzi are fucking bottom feeder scum.

  23. ToukouPoukou

    hahaha :D:D

  24. DeathToInnocence

    how the fuck it comes you all know for shure she’s such a bitch?? You don’t know anything about neither of them, so don’t claim to judge.
    And by the way: Nikki was during his Mötley Crüe time probably the biggest prick in this world. No signs that he changed.

  25. OriginalMishima

    The whole time time she looked like she was about to break down

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