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For more, visit Roland drops by the shop for a memorial tattoo to his son who he lost a year and a half ago.

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17 Responses to “LA Ink- Labrynths And Losses”

  1. Ninde1705

    @diesel1279dsl it was based off a photograph in which the mothers thumb nail was that long so why should he change that? besides, it being a female thumb makes it ok for the nail to be longer

  2. xrainbowmintx

    that sort of tattoo is something that I’ve never seen before, it’s very unique =)

  3. diesel1279dsl

    @chmalem still ugly.

  4. chmalem

    @diesel1279dsl u missed and have messed it up all!! that’s the mother’s thumb.

  5. diesel1279dsl

    Could at least shortened the father’s nail a little bit :)

  6. nonconformityrising

    This made me cry.

  7. TheDangerousDavis

    @destiny2909 How is it random? Just because you don’t know what it means to them?

  8. destiny2909

    That’s a really beautiful tattoo. So much more beautiful that the random shit you see some people wandering around with!

  9. DutchessofCantia

    amazing powerful tattoo

  10. kat1639

    It was everything he wanted,but didnt even know that’s what he wanted?? That makes no fucking sense considering thats EXACTLY what he asked for…

  11. justmypornaccount27

    why would someone dislike this….

  12. aLlEiGhThEdAnCeR333

    So sweet.

  13. MicoMonstrosity

    I am now sad :(

  14. PinkGlitteryStars

    awwww this touched my heart. thats such a beautiful piece of art

  15. slygirls09

    that’s a cool tattoo god bless your heart

  16. melanieschafer

    How beautiful and how terribly sad. I am truly moved by this video.

  17. dvsxr6t

    woohoo first view/ comment!

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