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Corey cuts all ties with High Voltage and joins the team at American Electric. Meanwhile, Kat gets caught in the middle of a prank war between her roommate and her boyfriend.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E05 The Truce Pt 1”

  1. VeryYoungGrasshopper

    “I couldn’t look more inbred.”

  2. ThatGirl0800

    I Fucking Loooooooove Rooftop!!!! He is sooo hot <3 <3

  3. rungtiwajade

    omg i want cat’s car!

  4. ViciousBeautyNYC

    @unggu5 I was just thinking the same thing!


    thanks for putting corey cuts all ties with high voltage and joins american electric,you didnt spoil a thing thanks

  6. ansiaaa666

    bobcat fucking rules!!!

  7. pekeko2

    I think it’s The Dear & Departed.

  8. VirgoneonSaphire

    What is the name of Dan’s band?????

  9. sarahlovescats1

    Corey didn’t even know Kat was going to let him back in, he said he was sick of waiting to hear back from her so he said he didn’t want the job anymore!

  10. MissPixiePhoenix

    I totally understand Corey. I wouldn’t have taken it well to only talk to my friends assistant in a thing like that

  11. quillber

    i find it hard to see how they would have so little communication between the two shops. like absolutely none whatsoever.

  12. quillber

    cant believe someone would say that about the cute little Rooftop :(

  13. 1689skye

    im really starting to dilike kat. he didnt say take the job and shove it he siad im tired of waiting grrrrrrr

  14. Misspixiebaba

    Could anyone tell me what episode, if any did pixie leave? It seems the epsiodes have taken a big leap somewhere and I can’t find the missing ones.

  15. HelbaRion

    Travie is high off of his mind! XD

  16. HelbaRion

    @lainkepisodes exactly why the fuck is he at AE, like there is something wrong with this picture wtf! So Kat doesn’t accept you back right away because you stormed off, and when you wanna come back she has to think about it, and you get pissed? I think he should go manage his own fucking shop and stop acting like a fame whore, which hes not. But how else is this supposed to look? Make the LA people come to you, your not some dancing monkey. Jesus fucking christ on a pogostick.

  17. engelarzt

    Kat’s brother is just sooooo naive… he miss the point sooooooo far away.. the hell is full of best intentions, but he’s advices just do not work, since Aubry is kinda obvious he is not to be listen at..

  18. JackHails

    they need a new intro

  19. Beingmeisawesome

    @cocochipcookie And he is contracted to appear on the show so it is easier to film if he works in New York although him leaving High Voltage was not scripted…

  20. emmaensign6

    Who’s daughter?

  21. arthurtats

    i hate it how the daughter of the comedian guy say’s his name like he’s really really famous, i would understand if you hear something like ” HELLO, IM PRINCE MICHAEL…..MICHAEL JACKSON’S SON” but that guy…really

  22. DuffsBuddyPack

    Travie, you baabe<3!

  23. deesan82

    “all together and all for one”… ugh…. lame

  24. MusicOfTheSystem

    Bobcat FTW! (for the win!)

  25. lainkepisodes

    @cocochipcookie Corey has his own shop but it’s hours away. If people in LA want tattoos he has a place to do them.

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