Miami Ink – Kat Von D, Bam Margera, Ville Valo & Gas Lipstick Posted by admin on October 13th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

Miami Ink – Season 1, Episode 08

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25 Responses to “Miami Ink – Kat Von D, Bam Margera, Ville Valo & Gas Lipstick”

  1. FuckasSotos

    Its pronounced Martzera not Margkera!!!

  2. eggonpetraw

    @MrEspenBakke stupid screenplay…

  3. DudeLovinU

    @dannys2222 yeah and those faggots atract more girls than you in a day than you would in a year dude…

  4. dannys2222


  5. KirillStrel

    Fucking bitch blyat. I’m a russian man banya, bears, forest. I’m best of best.

  6. chrissonicamy

    @HinderIsSteph124 His THEN girlfriend Jonna Nygren. They broke up a while back.

  7. qMySpecialKp

    @NINrandosity they are actually really close friends… so I think she gets this opportunity more often 😀

  8. HinderIsSteph124

    who is that girl next to ville at 1:47

  9. NINrandosity

    NOM Ville valo- she gets to hang out with ville valo!!

  10. TheCOB98


  11. saygoodbyetofate

    @TheWuuuuh duh

  12. IronMask57

    @MrEspenBakke My thoughts exactly.

  13. lh042798

    @watsernameismyname Yea thts so stupid i hate when people do that

  14. watsernameismyname

    did anyone else notice that Ami mispronounced Bam’s last name @ 1:36?

  15. TheWuuuuh

    did he get “Nymphetamine” tat because of the Cradle of Filth song?

  16. TheLilyHermanni

    Jonna, aff ¬¬

  17. Ariendel

    ahi esta la /&//(&<(/&(/6/%6 jonna nygren….

  18. a7xFactor

    kat von d is sexy.

  19. nistafista


  20. nistafista

    Did bam hook up whit kat?

  21. Selesify

    @chixie91 Well the tv may portray her as a good person….but you’re far off.

  22. HighestMetal

    @necroscope101 and Gas

  23. chixie91

    when I first saw Kat, I thought she was a slut and a bitch but now I regret thinking that way. She’s an awesome person and an equally good tattoo artist!!! she rocks!!! and so does Ville.

  24. AmazingPaperPlane

    @MrEspenBakke could have been the viva la bam film crew.

  25. catibiribina

    jonna is there too . D:

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