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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E16 Tats For Japan”

  1. Therocketqueenn

    I dont understand why kat reacts like that…

  2. Lilaaaaaaaay

    Arianna needs to go

  3. modengo

    Don’t want to sound harsh, but this Ariana chick looks like ungrateful teenager. Instead to grab on the opportunity she’s .. studpid. Plain stupid.

  4. 1PartAngel

    I noticed allot of fat woman get tatto’s, guess it goes with the low self image.

  5. KillerBuzzTattoo

    kat von d should not be mad, considering she schedule an appointment for her ugly cat, knowing she had that benifet. she should be mad at herself. plus shes rich, what the fuck is she crying about. i think this is the last show I’m gonna watch.

  6. yosotattoo

    It is still very hard around Fukushima in Japan today, so if you have an opportunity to make a donation, or if you are an artist and wish to contribute! Please contact me as I’ll get some artists together to help a little! or for some big organisation! Thank you! Y.

  7. kiddhitta

    Well now I have to watch the next episode to see why roof top freaks out

  8. TheKingGummyBear

    I don’t know why everybody hates on that ariana chick….ya she’s not the hottest but her personality makes her tapable lol plus low self esteem, drug problems, and her looking for a friend makes an easy laid target

  9. chellywuzhere636

    @HaleyHazeanSkyler yeah its jeffree star

  10. CeleryandCarrots

    omg, rooftop with the whole lion king thing :’)

  11. FootBall432221

    ariana had a blonde moment

  12. NightxAngell

    I like that panda design for the benefit at 27:10 but…it’s a little odd since pandas are from china, not japan…lol

  13. TheShredder203

    arianna looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame

  14. musikismine

    Mike is a sweetie. It was nice of him to get Ariana out of the hole she dug… Gotta admit though, I was more worried about the cat. ‘Cause I get super nervous when my dog doesn’t eat, even if it’s just his morning meal.

  15. MatrixRussell

    Funny how they have completely cut out Electric tattoo from this Part of the Series.

  16. RawR042

    arianna creeps me out and is grosss imo.

  17. TheEntombedMonarch

    Yea im sure thats Jeffrey Star lol

  18. HaleyHazeanSkyler

    is that jefrerry star?? o:

  19. IllusiveOddity

    did they hit her cat?! oh my god did they hit her cat? I’m going to cry if they hit her cat.

  20. hadleym9

    kats brother again…sucks balls.

  21. InspectorJavert1820

    “Kats weird ass cat keeps looking at me like it’s going to suck my soul out…” this made me laugh so hard. I love her cat, I think it’s gorgeous!

  22. Materialou

    how stupid someone could be and cut all 4 tires off? arianna, I would do everything working for kat and you´re just f***ing up! gosh,you are so creepy and look so smelly…eeeew !

  23. SuperDP1991

    she said poop XD

  24. 1blueyedgirl1

    Arianna “what did we run over?” Hmmmm

  25. PeaceAndBailey

    that adam tattooist guy is really annoying!!!

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