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This was a requested look from youtube.com :) Facebook: facebook.com Follow me on twitter: twitter.com Ask me anything on formspring: formspring.me

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17 Responses to “Kat Von D Saint Palette: Indie Rock Inspired”

  1. SullenxRiot182

    @GreenDayBabe500 you’re very welcome, I’m so glad you liked it! :)

  2. GreenDayBabe500

    I love it!

  3. GreenDayBabe500

    thank you so much!

  4. SullenxRiot182

    @gerardwfreak aw thanks! Definitely, I’m doing a look with the Poetica palette and then I will do one with Sinner! :)

  5. gerardwfreak

    That’s awesome! And you have such a cute cat!! :)

    Could you do a tutorial of the sinner palette please?

  6. SullenxRiot182

    @sweetcharade518 Thank you!

  7. SullenxRiot182

    @symmetricalastic aw thanks! I did a tutorial for them a little while ago, the video is a few vids back 😀

  8. SullenxRiot182

    @garcia7939 Thanks so much! I am in love with the new palettes she put out!

  9. SullenxRiot182

    @anCHEEsuckuh Thank you!!

  10. SullenxRiot182

    @BeccasBest Thank you! lol I noticed he always does that when I’m trying to film!

  11. sweetcharade518

    So cute!

  12. bluetigressemoon

    Love the makeup ..so faboo =D I have a perfect close-up pic…it’s totally huge! I posted the pic on my blog…for the 2NE1 makeup look we were talking about..the girl with the chain hat….the one from the video I sent you….can’t wait to see my request =D **Hugs** L8R

  13. symmetricalastic

    I love your nails

  14. DDOWNS89

    Poetica Next Please

  15. garcia7939

    great look and i want that palette!!!

  16. anCHEEsuckuh

    palette is beautiful! nice video megoos!<3

  17. BeccasBest

    very nice look:)…ur cat is so freakin cute climbin down ur ladder:) lol

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