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Hope this doesn’t get removed; I just wanted to cut his segment out of the show.

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25 Responses to “Anthony Green – LA Ink”

  1. eloy210

    @iamjosh.. anthony has said that he’s got over 30 songs down just for James


    hey his son has my birthday :]

  3. iamjoshbrooks

    I hope Anthony writes a song for James on the next album!

  4. oneluv2give

    thanks for the vid! met circa in lansing couple days ago. truly sensational <3 meeting Anthony was a blast xD I miss the Anthony hug

  5. chauncy424

    awwwwwwww i loveee him

  6. musicismyforeverlov

    Most beautiful father :)

  7. circasurvive777


  8. DoADeadlyDance

    thats the shirt anthony wore when he was doing a acoustic show behind jerrys pizza’s pub in bakersfield! i think the interview was the day after he played in bakersfield also!

  9. xoZOMBIEox

    i love anthony green and james is quite possibly the cutest child ever!

  10. drummer3993

    i think spirit of the stairwell is about the miscarriages.

  11. qmfosejs

    lol ive been looking for this for the longest time, i love you for posting this

  12. BRADvsBR4D

    This is just all sorts of awesome.

  13. BRADvsBR4D

    Lol you mean the song “Miracle Sun” that was on Avalon which was on the market nearly three years before James was born? Get yo shit straight son XD

  14. babyg703

    awwwww! love the way the tattoo looks and Anthony is just the nicest guy ever.

  15. francesrebollido

    A poet, a musician, an artist, an awesome family man and an all-around good guy. Anthony’s such an incredible persona. Meeting him tops my bucket list.

  16. v0xtheriot

    never knew they had 2 miscarriages. knew about one. anth is the man.

  17. Kendal671

    Thanks for uploading this

  18. PeepBox

    I didnt know he and his wife had two miscarriages, I absolutely am in love with anthony, but this was the most profound thing that anthony has ever said. now i know where he gets all his lyrics from.

  19. rangu66

    Man this is incredible i hope Circa Survive promotes this video I hope it stays up my lame girlfriend saw this episode and didn’t tell me i mean what the crap! haha. my favorite band has been Circa for 5years and AG has been my favorite artist since then as well

  20. rageage5fifteen


  21. colourmeful

    @untitled38 he wrote that looong before james

  22. untitled38

    I wonder if this was the reason why he wrote the song “miracle sun”

  23. venusnbacchus26

    I have a close friend that went through the same thing I think he should def see this

  24. Bunomous

    my name is anthony green and uh… uh this songs called drug dealer

  25. maddiexo

    LOVE <3333

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