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For more, visit Filmmaker Ryan is saying goodbye to NYU and hello to a bright new future with a shiny new tattoo.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink- Goodbye New York”

  1. OhSnapItsLilly

    Okay , what you donot relize is is that he said , “i want it to look 40s kinda look” Okay its a park in newyork & she has a SMIRK on her face with her eyebrow raised … [ not asian] & the twin towners … Its a great tattoo

  2. hjames78

    lol you people are something! In his I this is what I saw, he looked first as if he wasn’t sure what he would end up with, you know, that look a kid gives you when you make them close their eyes then open them for a surprise. They don’t know what to expect so they give this dead look at first but then as he looked at it it seemed as if he was happy with the tat. It is a good looking tat, I have seen bad tats living in a big city and that isn’t one of them!!

  3. conveys7

    I dont think he regretted it, shit if i had that tattoo id love it, and for people who say it looks bad then you really havent seen a bad tattoo because trust me this tattoo is amazing

  4. whiterabbitdoll

    Oh man :( he looked so nervous, this might have been his first tattoo, and his eyes were so dead looking when he saw it, even when smiled.

  5. nmarra01

    that’s awful looking. looks like a chinese girl lol

  6. BlueShirt7

    4:10 – “…I just made the biggest mistake of my live!”

  7. aunthilda56

    I think he liked the tattoo is was more of a ‘shit that hurt so much i want to cry but i’m on tv’ look

  8. GibofanHerecgNovi

    What the fuck has a rose and umbrella got to do with NY! Mr shoe you have a shit tattoo!

  9. ImTheDude909

    Looks like shit….

  10. frostybettas

    The tat is awaful it doesn’t look anything like NY he should have put the empire state building or statue of liberty it would at least look a little bit like NY and at the end wear you see the close up of it the handle is so fucked up plus the tattoo “artist” looks like my 9th grade geography teacher

  11. LAlkhatib95washere

    well the girl has really weird looking lips, and the tree behind her is very inartistic, i feel really bad for him :(

  12. ManGaStyle1993

    lol the umbrella is so wrong look at the hand holding the umbrella theres a huge mistake there

  13. BeautifulBeau

    @Gentleman150M Lol even then you still show some kind of hint that you like it. If it’s not a smile then its a brightness in the eyes. I don’t think people are talking about him smile the whole time, I think they were talking about his reaction upon seeing it.. and walking out.

  14. ChelseaSmile13

    dear lord I don’t think he wanted a fucking watercolour painting tattooed on his arm.

  15. Sophie1234A

    New York I love you, but you’re bringing me down…

  16. Sophie1234A

    waaaaaaaaaaaay too cartoon-like

  17. VisualKeiCupcake

    From the moment the kid walked in the door, he didn’t look confident or eager to get the tattoo… :/

  18. Gentleman150M

    I think he doesnt regret that tat. I got a sleeve on the left… and when you just have been tattooed for the past 4 hours or something, it isnt that easy to smile all the freaking time…

  19. kindsirisme

    @mikeyray68 it was an umbrella

  20. kindsirisme

    ryan is such a lier. he totally hates that tattoo

  21. cadbury1987

    Holy shit that tattoo looks crap. The girls face is warped and there is way too much red. When he walks out of the shop he looks like he is thinking “aw man, I fucked up”

  22. AceInTheWhole94

    man i dont dig this…i love kat
    but..hannah, was one of the greatest i’ve ever seen in my fucking life..
    corey is just brilliant n chilled out
    and kim was jus awesome…it was so positive n rock n roll
    fucking get them back kat

  23. JackyBoyz

    His last name is Shoe

  24. fredgorey

    that umbrella needs shading & more work… that’s the only weak spot of it…. the rest is pretty sold…

  25. mikeyray68

    the big ass red thing behind the girl in the drawing TOTALLY ruined it!

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