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Kat Von D @ Metal Skool – Grand Opening Party – Scene Filming For LA Ink – Key Club – West Hollywood, CA 07/02/07

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25 Responses to “Metal Skool – Stripper Girl w/ Kat Von D”

  1. DeathSparks12

    she cant dance for shit.

  2. hopia223

    Holy.. My underwear is sticky now.

  3. foxyrocker89

    she was sober when she was with Orby

  4. foxyrocker89

    this was long before sixx was in the picture lol

  5. AlexiFunny

    Love Kat…

  6. cpaterson6

    well they are now steal panther so it was a while ago n they havnt been together tht long

  7. Alexis2punk4u

    ahah i wonder what sixx has to say about this!!

  8. lizzilobdob

    is kat sober now ?? i heard she was after meeting Niki

  9. MichaelDio

    i did not take a shot at you, i merely defended a hot looking babe. that being the case, you’re the one who took a shot at her. Dude, all we got are hot babes and rock and roll, you can’t be knocking them or they’ll be anarchy!

  10. crackferry

    you took the first shot.
    I’ll be sure to take the last.
    no go practice your guitar…..starting with a tuner might be an idea.

  11. MichaelDio

    you’re really transfixed on the whole gay thing, huh? you must be supressing some seriosu issues. I feel sorry for you, the only way to feel important is to continue to take shots at people. you need serious help, you really are a sad little boy

  12. crackferry

    My life would improve?
    How could taking shots at a cocksucker like you be improved upon?
    This scenario for me is perfect…..
    You like to blow guys and I like to make fun of you.
    BTW I’m not sad at all. Taking the piss out of you actually brings me bundles of joy.
    No get back to what you do best…

  13. MichaelDio

    well, glad to see you admit you’re sad. Dude, get a life. this only proves how fucking sad you are. maybe if you stopped writing shit to other guys, and stopped talking shit about girls, your life would improve. you’re a loser

  14. crackferry

    I may very well be sad.
    But you’re still a cocksucker who plays highly average guitar.
    Again, FYI…

  15. MichaelDio

    what a brillant reply. what are you, 8 years old? grow up moron, you’re a sad little boy.

  16. crackferry

    I’m a dick? I heard you like to suck dick……
    And you’re a shit player. FYI.

  17. MichaelDio

    you’re a dick dude. kat is kick ass,

  18. crackferry

    Fuck Kat Von Whatever….Its’ all about the Panther.
    Panther Forever Hookers.

  19. pickle420000

    sounds way better on cd. this version doesn’t do the song justice

  20. Drummerneb

    how can you now know who she is she has her own TV show in DIscovery xD and she is so hot 😛

  21. bonitaCa

    One of the beautyfulest Rock n Roll girl in the world.. and tattoo artist

  22. marsden280175

    ok whatever mate!

  23. UltMitSinner78

    I don’t follow phony Hollywood types cause I have a life unlike you.

  24. marsden280175

    do you live under a rock??

  25. staplerulerpen

    :O KAt von D is awesome!!!!!!! love her!!!!!!!!!

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